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  1. Spears - who has gained about 40 pounds during her pregnancy plans to hit the gym and begin dieting soon after having the baby scheduled to be a caesarean birth as was her first
  2. Now a custom long seen as a sign of western social progress is being adopted in the conservative setting of iran as doctors seek to wean the country ' s women off their preference for caesarean births
  3. Dial this puerpera to bear insurance premium standard : above year worker is mean monthly salary is plan hair base , natural labor issues 3 . 5 months ; drawing is produced , suck induced labor , clamp to produce issue 4 months ; caesarean birth or much afterbirth foetal hair give 3 . 5 months
    撥該產婦生育保險費標準:以上年度職工月平均工資為計發基數,順產發給3 . 5個月;牽引產、吸引產、鉗產發給4個月;剖腹產或多胞胎發給3 . 5個月。


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