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  • 領檐梁
  • 壓頂梁
  • 壓檐梁
  • capping:    n. 〔美國〕(拍賣時)使用假買手誘 ...
  • beam:    n. 1.梁,棟梁,桁條;(船的)橫 ...
  • pier capping beam:    墩蓋梁


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  1. Analysis for the internal force of pile capping beam considering continuity of soil mass
  2. The design and construction of obliquely supported high bent for pier cap beams of lu pu bridge
  3. Due to the complexity of the behavior of pile capping beam widely used in the construction , the inverted continuous beam method is usually adopted in design methods to simplify the computation
  4. Based on the detailed investigation , the distribution of cracks in capping beam of the abutment of huaihe river bridge on the national road 107 is presented , the causes leading to the cracks are thoroughly analyzed , and the construction scheme and methods for remedy of the cracks in the abutment are described as well
  5. Consequently , on the basis of non - winkler foundation model , a finite - element method that utilizes foundation flexibility matrix into iterative calculation is proposed in this paper originated from the item " the optimal design theory and research of pile capping beam " sponsored by natural science fund of hunan province , which the continuity of soil mass can be accounted for under various boundary conditions , different loadings and irregular beam characters
    本文結合湖南省自然科學基金項目“樁基承臺梁優化設計理論與方法研究” ,針對非文克爾地基(半空間、線性變形層或單向壓縮層地基模型等)上的樁基承臺梁,提出一種利用地基柔度矩陣來進行迭代的有限單元法,可充分考慮梁下土體的連續性,并對基礎與土體脫開、承臺梁截面變化、梁體邊界條件復雜、上部荷載類型變化以及梁下基樁承載力差異等情況進行分析計算。


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