carbide die中文

發音:   用"carbide die"造句
  • 硬質合金拉摸
  • 硬質合金拉模
  • 硬質合金模具


  1. The solid carbide end mill and drill , the solid carbide circular saw blades , the strip for chemical fiber , the cutters for steel fibers , the carbide hot roller for steel wire at high speed and the high performance carbide dies are our main products
  2. Our products are : various kinds of punches for cross - recess , carbide dies , reducing dies , trimming dies , rolling flat dies for self - tapping serew , machine serew and penetration gage for cross - recess , involved punches and moulds for nonstandard fasteners
    本廠的主要產品大類有各種標準的十字槽精沖模、硬質合金圓模、縮徑模、切邊沖頭、內六角沖頭、自攻搓絲板和十字槽測深量具等(包括承接各種非標螺釘用沖頭、圓模、螺栓、螺母成形用模具) 。
  3. Main product : tungsten carbide powder , roll ring , anvil and cylinder , mining button bit , dies nib for various application : cold heading dies , drawing dies and non - magnetic carbide dies . all of the products mentioned above could be offered in blank or finishing product


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