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  • 基本道德
  • 四樞德
  • cardinal:    n. 【天主教】樞機主教〔亦稱紅衣主 ...
  • virtue:    n. 1.德,品德;德行,善行 (o ...
  • virtues:    德行、美德; 力天使; 善德; 異能 ...


  1. Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues .
  2. Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues .
  3. Those unaware of what is happening in philosophy today may be surprised to learn that few academic philosophers address the sort of problems once studied in college : death , the existence of god , the cardinal virtues , the external world , or the prospects for happiness
    不知道哲學家現狀的人也許會驚奇地發現:現在大學的哲學家中很少有人去研究過去在大學曾經探討過的問題? ?死亡、上帝的存在、基本道德、客觀世界或對幸福的期望。
  4. Destruction of its traditional culture is an unforgivable crime the chinese culture , believed to be passed down by god , confucius opened a school to teach students more than 2 , 000 years ago and imparted to society the confucian ideals represented by the five cardinal virtues of benevolence , righteousness , propriety , wisdom , and faithfulness
    “人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然” ,道家天人合一的思想融入文化的血脈; “大學之道,在明明德, ”兩千多年前的孔子設館授徒,把以“仁義禮智信”為代表的儒家思想傳與社會。
  5. We still don ' t meet rigid creeds or random speculation , but we do come upon religious ideals of renunciation , contemplation and devotion ; a body of doctrines dealing with matters transcending sense perception and thought ; and ? perhaps most disconcerting ? a program of training in which faith figures as a cardinal virtue , doubt as a hindrance , barrier and fetter


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