change for the worse中文

發音:   用"change for the worse"造句
  • change:    vt. 1.改變,變更,變換,變革。 ...
  • worse:    adj. 〔bad, ill 的比較 ...
  • at worse:    最差的估計
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  1. It used not to be so , but france in all such things is changed for the worse
  2. The doctor told the nurse to call him if there was a positive change for the worse
  3. Can t be helped , said miss pross , shaking her head . touch that string , and he instantly changes for the worse
    “無可奈何, ”普洛絲小姐搖搖頭說, “一碰上那根弦他就出問題。
  4. If he did not , it was due wholly to the fact that his state was so well balanced that an absolute change for the worse did not show
  5. For another period this state continued , the twain leading a rather monotonous life , and then there was a slight change for the worse


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