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  1. The paper selected changtan reservoir in guangdong province as case study site , investigated the impacts of 4 upstream reservoirs on changtan reservoir ' s design inflow floods and explored changtan reservoir ' s flood - protection standards , regulating rules and potential for integrated water resources utilization after newly - constructed upstream reservoirs being taken into account
  2. Abstract : based on the indoor test results of the base bedding course materials for cement concrete pavement and prevalent actural calculation approach of the prevalent norms , and according to the different compositions in changtan expressway and in consideration of the experiences gained in the central and southern region , a typical structure legend for cement concrete pavement which is suitable for areas damp and with plenty of rainfall the typical structure and guideline for the use of the typical structure legend are presented in this paper
  3. Ningmeng course of yellow river enters a country from ningxia center zhongwe county nan changtan , and in the zhungeer ma zhaxiang of inner mongolia leaves the country , and passes through 25 citys and the county , and the distance travelled by a stream of water 1203 . 8km , deducts the section 239 . 8km in gorge river and a reservoir area section 94 . 5km , administers segment length 869 . 5km in river
    黃河寧蒙河段從寧夏中衛縣南長灘入境,于內蒙古準格爾旗馬柵鄉出境,穿越25個市、縣(旗、區) ,流程1203 . 8km ,扣除峽谷河段239 . 8km 、庫區段94 . 5km ,治理河段長869 . 5km 。


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