charter period中文

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  • 租船期
  • 租期
  • charter:    n. 1.(準許成立自治都市、工會等 ...
  • period:    n. 1. 時代;期;時期;期間;階 ...
  • period of charter:    租期


  1. The charterer cannot postpone , deduct , reject paying the due hire relying on any reason . that is to say , the charterer shall carry all the risk of time loss during the chartering period alone
  2. Every time charter party must have an off - hire clause under which the charterer can discharge his obligation of continuous paying hire during the chartering period
    停租條款( off - hireclause )是幾乎每一個期租合同都訂明的條款,該條款規定在一些特定的情況下承租人可以中止履行其支付租金的義務。


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