chat area中文

發音:   用"chat area"造句
  • chat:    n. =chit1.
  • area:    n. 1.面積;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • chat:    n. 1.閑談,聊天。 2.鳴禽。 ...
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  1. Hou hai bars street , a different culture of life . compared with guangzhou , it is indeed very different . bars in guangzhou , your voice is almost not heard , and in beijing , the bar is like a cultural exchange , chat areas . we pull in guangzhou bars that the use of the culture of bars in beijing , in which all were very happy . where there is the band and belly dance performances beauty . that ' s so good
    后海酒吧街,一種不同的生活文化.和館相比下來,這的確有很大的不同.館的酒吧, ? ?納?艏負跏翹?患? ? ,而在北京,酒吧就像是一種文化交流,談天說地的地方,而我,卻把在館酒吧的文化使于北京酒吧上,個個樂在其中


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