china henan中文

發音:   用"china henan"造句
  • china:    n. 瓷器;瓷料,白瓷土,瓷質黏土。 ...
  • henan:    海農; 河南省; 青海河南; 豫/河 ...
  • cities in henan:    河南城市
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  1. China henan international cooperation group co . ltd . ( abbreviated ad chico ) has begun to face the international market and started its undertaking through arduous effort since its founding
    中國河南國際合作集團有限公司( chico )從誕生之日起,就面向國際市場艱苦創業。
  2. This paper starts with analysising the operation benefit of the corporate banking business in bank of china henan branch , and then it puts forward a research issue - it is urgently need to develop marketing in corporate banking field
  3. China henan hebi tianli automobile electrical limited company is professional to produce and develop electronic kind of , automobile kind of connector series of products and stamping , stretches , die - casting and note mould etc . mould design and production
  4. This building is former building of headquarter of the people ' s bank of china henan branch , and leaved idle for most of rooms and facility after henan branch was merged into shandong branch , most of personnel and business were transferred at jinan
  5. China henan heavy industrial factory crushing and screening machines can be divided into three types : fixed , portable and sleign type . the crushing and screening capability can be from 5 tons per hour to 600 tons per hour . the size of crushed product can be from 0 to 80 mm


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