clothes and fabrics中文

發音:   用"clothes and fabrics"造句
  • 衣服和布料
  • clothes:    n. 1.衣服。 2.〔集合詞〕被褥 ...
  • fabric:    n. 1.構造物,建筑物;工廠;結構 ...
  • fabrics:    布料; 仿絲織物; 紡織品; 進口皮 ...


  1. Range of business : processing and selling of the clothing and fabric , sell the korean apparel ( women ) and fabric ( merchandise on hand ) as agent , and have power of marketing own products , imports and exports
  2. And this year ' s gap is running 30 percent above the 2004 pace , reflecting a surge in imports of chinese clothing and fabric after the removal of global quotas at the beginning of the year
    今年美國對華貿易逆差仍然是有增無減,在除去今年年初的全球配額后,大量進口的中國服飾與紡織品配額比去年同期增長了30 % 。
  3. Development zone . the zonc is characterized by producing and developing clothing and fabric products and has been forming the biggest exportoriented productive base of clothing and fabrics in thc middle jiangsu . the salon industrial zone the sanduo industrial zone


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