cognitive domain中文

發音:   用"cognitive domain"造句
  • cognitive:    adj. 認識的,有認識力的。 co ...
  • domain:    n. 1.領土,版圖;領地。 2.管 ...
  • the domain:    領地
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  1. Mapping of intention in the target cognitive domain : a perspective from relevance theory
  2. Adaptive development did n ' t balance within chiildren with mr , such as the developmental level in cognitive domain was lowest , while it was highest in social domain relatively
  3. The scientists added : " although it may seem extraordinary to those comfortably used to pre - judging animal intelligence on the basis of brain volume , in some cognitive domains , fishes can even be favourably compared to non - human primates .
    英語新聞學習http : news . jewelove . net科學家們補充說: “盡管對于那些習慣于以腦容量來事先判斷動物智商的人來說這看起來非常特別,但是在某些認知領域,魚甚至可以和人類以外的靈長類動物相媲美。 ”
  4. This paper deals with cognitive analysis of dialogues in literary works from the vantage point of cognitive linguistics , believing that the cognitive domains of participants in a literary discourse should be overlapping for mutual understanding , and they have to abide by certain principles derived from cognitive linguistics to guarantee a successful communication


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