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  • 聯合收獲機殼體
  • combine:    n. 〔美口〕 1.(政治上的)聯合 ...
  • body:    n. 1.身體,體軀,肉體;尸首;軀 ...
  • combine:    vt. 1.使結合,合并。 2.兼備 ...


  1. Previous masters combined fist forms with five elements theory , simplified them to find out the five boxing forms , combined body and chinese medicine theory to define the boxing theory and defense , finally named it five elements boxing
  2. Combined body suit and half cup to one , utilized the principle of prestressing force , cooperated with human body six - circulating design , centered and raised the breasts without shoulder belt auxiliary , designed pretty - back , suitable for dressing dinner suit , create a beautiful figure
  3. Objective to study the status and risk factors on subhealth of the teachers in institution of higher learning to provide scientific proof for prevention of them ; to evaluate the economic burden which the subhealth of the teachers in institution of higher learning leads to in order to improve the cognition about ponderance and harmness on subhealth of teacher in institution of higher learning ; to combine body , psychology and the ability to adapt society et al to establish the diagnose criterion on subhealth of the teachers in institution of higher learning by means of the delphi method
    目的研究中國高校教師亞健康狀況及其危險因素,為開展高校教師亞健康的預防提供依據;對中國高校教師亞健康所致經濟負擔進行評價,提高人們對高校教師亞健康狀況嚴重性和危害性的認識;結合軀體、心理、社會適應能力等方面,運用德爾菲( delphi )評價法制定高校教師亞健康診斷標準。
  4. The sea1 ring with complex section shape cafl be treated as a combined body made of several individual cy1 inders with di fferent dimensions . by app1ying the method used in the " edge prob1 em " of the fnoment theory of she11 , the deformat ion - - - radia1 disp1acement and rotation at the two edges of each individual
    應用殼體力矩理論中求解邊緣問題的方法,將密封環分解為多個等厚度、截面為單一矩形的筒體,對每一圓筒進行分析并運用殼體力矩理論求出其兩個邊緣在外載荷作用下的邊緣變形值? ?徑向位移及轉角。


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