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  1. As a prelude to these contestable claims , mr dawkins examines the interesting question of why religion is so widespread
  2. Unless , of course , some rival general has designs on your capital city , which will also lie in a contestable area
  3. To arrive the resea rch target , the paper mostly use the new institution economics theory and its method , and the cost - value analysis method to research the mechanism of natural resources mixed market and its optimum institution way to optimize it . the second charter of the paper introduces the basic theory about the natural resources market . it comprise the pigouvian tax theory , coase theorem , and the market regulation theory which include the public value theory , the capture theory , and the modern market regulation theory which include the rent - seeking theory , the contestable market theory and the new institution economics regulation theory
  4. ( c ) the existence of the firm results from its effective configuration advantage of production and transaction obtained through routine - based evolution ; the boundary of the firm is concerned with integration of contestable activities which depend upon coherent dimensions of routines and dynamic selection regime and integration of non - contestable activities which depend upon variation and retention of routines , dynamic selection regime and dominant logic , assemblages of routines and path
  5. They had based on the natural monopoly theory . the second chapter reviews the traditional theory of natural monopoly in the frame of classical economics , from economics of scales , economics of scopes and to subadditivity of cost , including the extension of “ marshall puzzle ” and “ theory of contestable markets ”


  1. capable of being contested


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