cooling agent中文

發音:   用"cooling agent"造句
  • cooling:    n.,adj. 冷卻(的)。
  • agent:    provocateur (pl. a ...
  • agent:    n. 1.行為者,動作者;【語法】主 ...
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  1. It can also be used as rust preventing additive for improving the corrosion prevention of soluble metal working fluids or cooling agent of engines
  2. The research provides a novelty way of developing a new type of cooling agent and evaporative cooling transformer , and has a certain theoretical and practical signification
  3. This paper describes briefly the flavor materials being resistant to high temperature and having a long - lasting taste and odor , including acetals , long - lasting cooling agent , substituted fatty acid glyceride and glucoside
  4. Perfluorotriethylamine is a perfect evaporative cooling agent which possesses good chemical inertia , thermodynamic stability , electrical performance , innocuity and noncombustion . it is fabricated through electrochemical fluorination of triethylamine in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride under a certain condition
  5. According to the study of this project , we discovered the perfluorotriethylamine , a environment - protection evaporative cooling agent , and carried through the research on the process of fabricating , thermal nature , and heat exchange experiment on the evaporative cooling transformer model
    通過對相變降溫的研究,我們找到了一種環保型的蒸發制冷介質? ?全氟三乙胺。對其制取過程以及其熱物性進行了研究,并在蒸發冷卻變壓器模型上對其進行了換熱降溫實驗。


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