correct depth中文

發音:   用"correct depth"造句
  • 正確深度
  • correct:    adj. 正確的;恰當的,合適的;( ...
  • depth:    n. 1.深;深度。 2.(色澤的) ...
  • correct for:    做...的校正


  1. This paper , based on normalizing well logging data while drilling and correcting depth into true vertical depth and calculating reservoir parameters and etc , combining the practical ease of mobei oilfield , extracted logging and geological pattern characteristic of target oil - gas formation and geosteering mark formation , and used bp neural network and regressive analysis to create predicting mode of geosteering parameter to build relevant contrast curve ; adopted geometry geosteering method to fix on die drilling direction of bit upper and declination , the position in reservoir , to judge the real drilling case . all finely solved the problem to follow the geological target while drilling for three horizontal well these methods improve the drilling horizontal well ability by using the techniques to follow the geological target while drilling , and then it is convenient and practicable


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