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發音:   用"crossover rates"造句
  • crossover:    【鐵路】岔道,轉線路,【生物學】(雜 ...
  • rate:    vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ret.
  • be on the rates:    領取公共救濟金
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  1. 2 ) for the ability of searching , a formula of adaptive crossover rate decreasing with the increasing of genetic generation
    2 )設計出余弦下降的自適應交叉率公式以改善遺傳算法搜索能力。
  2. 1 ) a conclusion is made that there is an optimal combination of crossover rate and mutation rate after study on the relationship of that two rates . thus the blindness of selection of the two rates is reduced in a way
    1 )對交叉率與變異率的關系進行研究,得出兩者存在最優組合關系的結論,在一定程度上減少交叉率與變異率選取的盲目性。
  3. Genetic algorithm is adopted to solve this problem . the method using several chromosomes express a scheme is presented . crossover rate and mutation rate are automatically adjusted by fuzzy control to quicken search procedure and avoid immature convergence
  4. Simple genetic algorithm gets local minimization too easily and converges slowly . to solve these problems , adaptive crossover rate that has reverse hyperbolic rel ation with the numbers of iteration is designed , and adaptive mutation rate that has reverse proportion to the distances of parents and reverse exponential relat ion to the numbers of iteration is put forward . the practical simulation results show that the adaptive ga has greater convergence speed and larger probability o f getting the best solution


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