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  1. Cumbrous cumbrous cumb
  2. Inside this cumbrous and creaking structure , and behind this decayed conductor , the partie carre took their seats - the bride and bridegroom and mr and mrs crick
  3. Formerly one was obliged to travel in india by the old cumbrous methods of going on foot or on horseback , in palanquins or unwieldy coaches ; now , fast steamboats ply on the indus and the ganges , and a great railway , with branch lines joining the main line at many points on its route , traverses the peninsula from bombay to calcutta in three days . this railway does not run in a direct line across india
  4. The wondrous shock of feeling had come like the earthquake which shook the foundations of paul and silas s prison ; it had opened the doors of the soul s cell and loosed its bands - it had wakened it out of its sleep , whence it sprang trembling , listening , aghast ; then vibrated thrice a cry on my startled ear , and in my quaking heart and through my spirit , which neither feared nor shook but exulted as if in joy over the success of one effort it had been privileged to make , independent of the cumbrous body
  5. A person who dews not deliberately dimples of all his thoughts alike in cumbrous draperies and flimsy disguises may strike out twenty varieties of familiar everyday language , each coming somewhat nearer to the feeling he wants to convey , and at last not hit upon that particular and only one which may be said to be identical with the exact impression in his mind


  1. difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight; "a cumbersome piece of machinery"; "cumbrous protective clothing"


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