current map的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"current map"造句
  • 現行地圖
  • 現行對照
  • current:    adj. 1.通用的,流行的。 2. ...
  • map:    n. 1.地圖;天體圖;圖。 2.〔 ...
  • map:    MAP =Military Aid ...


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  1. Schematic diagram of the surface ocean currents around australia . ocean current map by dr george creswell
  2. Whereas , if we make use of current map , with the help of gis technology , collecting data will become easy , precise and convenient
  3. We looked at all five of the current map services and examined their features and performance . below is a feature by feature comparison
  4. Clicking the set map time button will dismiss the dialog , and set the date and time of the current map to that of the most recent conversion performed
    點擊“設定星圖時間” ,將會返回到星圖,并將當前星圖的時間調整到轉換后最相近的日期。
  5. Chapter two is diagnoses of china ' s current map press focusing on two domestic presses . chapter three is the value chain analysis of these presses


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