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  • 當前營銷狀況
  • current:    adj. 1.通用的,流行的。 2. ...
  • marketing:    n. 1.商品銷售業務。 2.商品自 ...
  • situation:    n. 1.(房屋建筑等的)地點,位置 ...


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  1. To begin with , i ' d like to make a brief introduction of the current market situation
  2. Analyze current market situation in cooperation with the business unit and colleagues from the r & d centers in germany
  3. The total cost of the mold shall not be too high . the price shall be worked out according to the current market situation to cater for the
  4. Daily you will get 0 , 5 % of your funds on the " bulls balance " and on the " bears balance " , not depending on the current market situation
    這2個項目只要你投了,每個每天都可以得到0 . 5 %的利息收入,而不受交易市場狀況影響。
  5. The author expressed the market rival and market share of cnc and explained the current market situation of half forestall and half competition in our national telecom industry


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