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  • 【蟲類】夜盜蟲,鱗翅目幼蟲。


  1. Infectivity of entomopathogenic nematode steinernema carpocapsae against black cutworm
  2. Insecticide resistance of the common cutworm spodoptera litura and its control strategies
  3. Influence of four food plants on development and fecundity of the spotted cutworm , agrotis c - nigrum
  4. The beet armyworm s . exigua , oriental armyworm pseudaletia ( = mythimna ) separata , cotton bollworm h . armigera and black cutworm agrotis ipsilon were dominant pest species immigrated into the island , however they emigrated without finding crops
    甜菜夜蛾,東方粘蟲pseudaletia ( = mythimna ) separata ,棉鈴蟲和小地老虎agrotisipsilon是遷入島上的主要種類,但由于沒有作物它們隨即又遷出。
  5. Both oxyopes sertatus and harpactor fuscipes are important predators of common cutworm ( spodoptera litura ) on tobacco . the effect of several interference factors on the predations of o . sertatus and h . fuscipes on the larvae of s . litura were examined in laboratory . the results indicated that there were significant mutual interferences on their predations with the existence of other individual in the same / different species . as the number of the predator increased , the predation rates decreased significantly . the interference coefficients ( m ) within h . fuscipes and within o . sertatus were 0 . 7278 and 0 . 6911 , respectively , while the interference coefficient ( m ) between o . sertatus and h . fuscipes was 0 . 9464 . these results showed that the effect of mutual interference on predation in interspecies was more obvious than that in intraspecies . the number of prey captured and the predation rate of predator dropped with increasing the number of tobacco stalks . this result suggested that spatial heterogeneity was also an important factor affecting the predation of predator on prey
    斜紋貓蛛和紅彩真獵蝽均是煙草上斜紋夜蛾的重要捕食性天敵.室內測定幾種干擾因素對斜紋貓蛛和紅彩真獵蝽捕食作用的影響,結果表明這些干擾因素對斜紋貓蛛種內、紅彩真獵蝽種內和兩種捕食者種間的捕食作用均有明顯的干擾作用,隨捕食者數量的增加,其對斜紋夜蛾捕食作用率顯著降低.斜紋貓蛛種內的干擾系數和紅彩真獵蝽種內的干擾系數分別為0 . 7278和0 . 6911 ,而兩者種間的干擾系數為0 . 9464 ,說明兩者種間的干擾作用要明顯高于同一種捕食者種內的干擾作用.兩種捕食性天敵對斜紋夜蛾的捕食量和捕食作用率隨煙草莖桿數的增加而降低,表明空間異質性同樣是影響兩種捕食性天敵捕食作用的一個重要因素


  1. North American moth whose larvae feed on young plant stems cutting them off at the ground


    Cutworms are not worms, biologically speaking, but caterpillars; they are moth larvae that hide under litter or soil during the day, coming out in the dark to feed on plants. A larva typically attacks the first part of the plant it encounters, namely the stem, often of a seedling, and consequently cuts it down; hence the name cutworm.


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