cycle inventory的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"cycle inventory"造句
  • 循環盤存
  • 周期存貨
  • 周期性儲存量
  • cycle:    n. 1.循環,周期,一轉。 2.周 ...
  • inventory:    n. 1.(財產等的)清單,報表;( ...
  • inventory cycle:    存貨周期


  1. Packaging . recommendations for conducting life - cycle inventory analysis of packaging systems
  2. Environmental management - life cycle assessment - goal and scope definition and life cycle inventory analysis iso 14041 : 1998 ; german version en iso 14041 : 1998
  3. To investigate the characteristics about energy consumption and environmental emissions of china car and provide a methodological demonstration by taking a car for example and using life cycle inventory method is aim
  4. According to the data obtained from the life cycle inventory analysis , impact to the environment of product can be obtained through ranking data such as consumption of material and energy and waste emission with qualitative and quantitative methods
  5. With the actual sales data , the demand forecasting model has been testified and proved to be reliable . the inventory items to be managed have been determined based on the related producing process , the ingredient requirements and the material - consuming indicators . through the example of demand in 2004 , the required practical calculation formulas , decision tools , and the actual steps for cycle inventory and safety inventory management between any adjacent firms of hongfu ammonia - phosphate supply chain are presented , and the managerial levers from inventory management perspective to improve the performance and to decrease the cost of hongfu ammonia - phosphate supply chain are carried out , so are the deduced inventory management policies


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