decay wood中文

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  • decay:    vi. 1.朽,腐爛。 2.衰減,衰 ...
  • wood:    短語和例子 wood2 adj. 〔 ...
  • wood decay:    木材腐爛
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  1. They live in the soil , on plants , animals and even in wastes such as decaying woods
  2. In addition , there were limitations on basic necessities such as water , electricity and sewers . the suspended foot bridges over the gorge that we had to cross to reach the houses in masters name were also made of decaying wood
  3. Near this latter spot , one afternoon , some children were at play , when they beheld a tall woman , in a gray robe , approach the cottage - door . in all those years it had never once been opened ; but either she unlocked it , or the decaying wood and iron yielded to her hand , or she glided shadow - like through these impediments , - and , at all events , went in


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