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  1. Since mihm ' s return , his offensive game is almost nonexistent . his defensive play is not that bad
  2. " i felt like i was in control , " sharapova said . " with the break points she had , i was able to come up with good defensive play
    莎拉波娃說, “我覺得都在我掌握中,在她的破發點我能打出很好的防守打法。
  3. Blade mail : defensive play isn ' t what you like , nevertheless sometimes you need it , you like hurting people that hurt you
  4. While being recognized by the league as a result of his defensive play might be a bit of a stretch , the message karl was trying to send to anthony looks like it might have finally been received : in order for denver to be good , anthony has to focus on more than just winning scoring titles


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