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  1. Also remarkable is the baboon - like demon holding two knives in his hands , which are interpreted as a protective and defensive power
  2. When the defensive power of a host is greater than the invasive power of parasites , the parasites entering the organism are totally destroyed or expelled from the body
  3. When the defensive power of the host is weaker than that of the invading parasites , obvious pathological changes and clinical symptoms will appear in the host , turning the host into a parasite - infected patient
  4. When the defensive power of the host is temporarily equal to the invasive power of the parasites , a small number of parasites can live or reproduce in the body . though they may not cause harm or clinical symptoms to the organism , the host will become a carrier of pathogens disease - causing agents
  5. They always fancied themselves as the center of the world , they thought that they had the strongest offensive and defensive powers , they could never expect such an intimidating attack in their country . however , after 911 , they began to realize how vulnerable their country is , therefore , the emergence of a super hero is necessary for them to soothe their fear and regain their faith


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