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  • 交貨條件
  • 交貨條款
  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商業】交貨; ...
  • term:    n. 1.期限,期間。 2.學期,任 ...
  • terms of delivery:    交貨條件


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  1. Please also advise on payment & delivery terms and packing
  2. Price terms , also called trade terms or delivery terms , are an important component of a unit price in international trade , representing specific obligations of the buyer and the seller
  3. With the principle of “ quality and customers first ” , we offer the best products , the favorable price and the prompt delivery term to users from home and abroad
  4. To strengthen the platform for driving sales further , proview international has formed strategic alliances with key components suppliers including samsung sdi , au optronics and cm optronics to solicit more advantageous pricing , payment and delivery terms
    唯冠國際銳意強化經營平臺,以進一步擴大銷售,故與主要零件生產商,包括三星sdi au optronics及cm optronics組成策略聯盟,在訂價付款,以至交貨安排等環節上爭取最有利的條件。
  5. Having finished filling out it after ordering the materials , it is selected the term of payment that you want below and then please collude : isotech has offered atm teller - stella transfers accounts and pays the bill , bank face cupboard remit money , postal service is it pay the bill to allocate , residence is it cash on delivery to worthy of , post office person who cash on delivery term of payment for you to choose ; then enter and pay the bill and pay for the page , finish filling out and pay the bill the materials , the information appearing [ finishes ordering ] after pushing and confirming the key , show that you have already finished this transaction
    填完訂購資料后,接下來請勾選下方您所想要的付款方式: isotech目前提供了atm提款機轉帳付款、銀行臨柜匯款、郵政劃撥付款、宅配貨到付款、郵局貨到付款(郵局代收貨價)等付款方式供您選擇;接著進入付款結帳頁面,填完付款資料,按下確認鍵后出現[完成訂購]的訊息,表示您已完成此筆交易。


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