detachment fault中文

發音:   用"detachment fault"造句
  • 滑脫斷層
  • 擠離斷層
  • 脫頂斷層


  1. Dongzigou ag deposit and jianbaoshan au deposit are hosted in the sandstone of middle - proterozoic suberathem , which are developed from the proterozoic sediment metal source - rocks formed during the meso - proterozoic volcanism and reworked by the mesozoic tectono - magmatism during the formation of the metamorphic core complexes in eastern hebei . the dongzigou ag deposit has the characteristics of reformed strata - bound origin , the jianbaoshan au deposit , located in the detachment fault , is the alterated rock type . both deposits have the similar wall - rock alteration , and show the same trace element behavior , and ree patterns . they are the results of the multi - stage tectono - magmatism in the environment of continental extension in eastern hebei region . their mineralization depended on their wall rocks and relative location in metamorphic core complexs


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