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讀音:   用"directly contained"造句
  • 直接包含于


  1. Variable that are based on value types directly contain a values
  2. Value types directly contain their data , and instances of value types are either allocated on the stack or allocated inline in a structure
  3. For example , if the body directly contains a script element child that generates some content , and the body element is not selected to be retained , the script will be lost
    例如,如果< body >直接包含生成某些內容的< script >元素且< body >元素沒有被選擇保留,那么腳本將被丟失。
  4. In the modern business of medicine , it is now viewed as a way to contain costs , control , capture , and categorize the flow of information , and more directly contain the practice of medicine
  5. This may seem odd in a version that is meant to allow for more characters to be directly contained in an xml document , but the benefits on the encoding detection front were considered to outweigh this inconsistency and to be significant enough to justify the small incompatibility


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