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  1. Two control strategies of the input current displacement angle are presented and compared
  2. In the second one , the input current displacement angle is dynamically modulated as a function of positive and negative sequence components of the input voltages . in both cases , the harmonic content has been evaluated analytically
  3. Abstract : this paper deals with the simulation result analysis of three phase synchronous generator with rectified output with stator y connected , as well as with stator connected . the curves of overlap angle , displacement angle and power factor with load are presented , and the tendency of these curves are also described
  4. Aimed at the present code of structure design without the specific method of frail - layer check computations of frame structures in high vibration areas , this article provides the parameter modifying method for the checking according to different regulations of earthquake parameter and by deducing and contrasting the relation of elasticity and plasticity displacement angle limitation of several earthquakes from the given conditions of present code
  5. Based on the experiment of full - sized cshb walls under lateral and vertical loads , initial crack - resisting stiffen formula was deduced by considering the influence of concrete beams , concrete core columns , structural columns , vertical pressure and window ( or door ) . the results calculated from the formula were fit well with the experimental results . by the analysis of displacement at initial crazing , probability statistical mode and its parameters of relative displacement angle were presented


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