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  • 發散度
  • 分歧點
  • 分散
  • 分岐
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  1. Statistical analysis of the river networks on neotectonic divergency of east and west parts in jiaodong peninsula
  2. Their location should pay much attention to studies of " theory of newly - developed advantages " and adopt the strategy of divergency and serving regional development
  3. The performance of the cngs , including transmission efficiency , neutron flux , flux spectrum , divergency , uniform and gravity effect , have been analysed technically . that the scheme of supermirror guide is optimum has been given and adopted
  4. The position and size of the monochromator , focusing curvature radii and tilting angles of the germanium focusing monochromator under different different take - off angle , size and divergency of the second collimator and intensity loss due to the use of it were determined . the neutron flux at different wavelength , under different reflection and take - off angle of the monochromator and divergency of the first collimator , were given . the simulation on the aperture used for limiting beam size in front of the sample showed that , smaller the size of the aperture and further the distance from the aperture to the sample , greater the loss of the intensity and more serious the spread of the beam along vertical direction at the sample position which makes the practical sampling volume greater than expected
  5. The random amplified polymorphic dna ( rapd ) and inter - simple sequence repeat ( issr ) analysis were used to estimate population genetics of fenneropenaeus chinensis . we analyzed the genetic diversity and genetic structure of the populations , and also studied the genetic divergency among populations and geographic populations . the main results shown as follows : 1
    本文以中國對蝦( fenneropenaeuschinensis )野生群體為研究對象,采用rapd和issr分子標記技術,進行了群體遺傳學的研究,對中國對蝦野生群體的遺傳多樣性及群體遺傳結構進行了分析,研究了中國對蝦各野生群體之間的遺傳分化情況。


  1. the act of moving away in different direction from a common point; "an angle is formed by the divergence of two straight lines"
  2. an infinite series that has no limit


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