發音:   用"duchesse"造句
  • 迪謝斯


  1. Mandarin fish a la duchesse
  2. Ox tongue a la duchesse
  3. Prawns a la duchesse
  4. Pork a la duchesse
  5. The duchesse de f rubbed shoulders with mademoiselle a , one of sorriest specimens of our modern courtesans ; the marquise de t shrank from buying an item of furniture for which the bidding was led by madame d , the most elegant and most celebrated adulteress of our age ; the duc d y , who is believed in madrid to be ruining himself in paris , and in paris to be ruining himself in madrid , and who , when all is said and done , cannot even spend all his income , while continuing to chat with madame m , one of our wittiest tale - tellers , who occasionally agrees to write down what she says and to sign what she writes , was exchanging confidential glances with madame de n , the beauty who may be regularly seen driving on the champs - elysees , dressed almost invariably in pink or blue , in a carriage drawn by two large black horses sold to her by tony for ten thousand francs . and paid for in full ; lastly , mademoiselle r , who by sheer talent makes twice what ladies of fashion make with their dowries , and three times as much as what the rest make out of their love affairs , had come in spite of the cold to make a few purchases , and it was not she who attracted the fewest eyes


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