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發音:   用"dust lab"造句
  • 粉塵實驗室
  • dust:    n. 1.塵,灰塵,塵土,塵埃。 2 ...
  • lab:    表達意見; 分析室; 分析箱; 海底 ...
  • in the dust:    死;被羞辱; 死了


  1. The automated scanning microscope has been installed in a laminar - flow tunnel in the cosmic dust lab , which is just around the corner from the stardust lab
    自動掃描顯微鏡已經安裝在離“星塵實驗室”不遠的拐角附近、 “彗星塵埃”實驗室的一個層流通道中。
  2. We have scanned more than 10 aerogel tiles in the cosmic dust lab in houston and have recently written a computer program that checks the focus on each of the 40 , 000 focus movies we have so far
  3. We did this so that the lab where the interstellar dust tray is being scanned , the so - called “ cosmic dust lab ” at johnson space center , could be used for its other purpose of processing requests for cosmic dust particles
    之所以這么做是要將這個地方? ?也就是休斯敦宇航中心“宇宙塵埃實驗室”騰出來用于別的宇宙塵埃處理的要求。


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