edible alcohol中文

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  • edible:    adj. 適合食用的,可以吃的。 e ...
  • alcohol:    n. 1.【化學】醇;乙醇,酒精。 ...
  • no alcohol:    館內禁止飲酒
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  1. This method is suitable for the test of heavy metals in the quality control of edible alcohol
  2. New type liquor is deployed liquor developed from high quality edible alcohol , and compounded with multiple edible flavoring blending
  3. Red pigment has been extracted with acidic edible alcohol from prunus tomentosa thunb and its stabilities are studied
  4. The current test method of heavy metals in edible alcohol is adopted colorimetric method using hydrogen sulphide saturated solution as colorific agent , this method is toxic , disagreeable odour , contaminated , overlaborated and time expended
  5. In 2003 , the company undertook the design , equipment manufacture and technical service for a 100000t y superfine edible alcohol project , 15000t y acetic acid project , 10000t y co2 project and alcohol waste water treatment project in pakistan . the year 2005 , we have successful completed three projects in russia . that is 60000 t y fuel ethanol project
    我公司于2003年為巴基斯坦設計建設了年產100000噸優級酒精項目年產15000噸冰醋酸項目年產10000噸高純度co2項目和酒精廢水處理項目。 2005年公司為俄羅斯客戶設計并制造了60000噸無水酒精項目30000噸普級酒精項目30000噸ddg飼料項目。


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