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  1. Conversions in hand help you relaxed and efficient conversion of various unit
    Conversions in hand幫助你輕松高效的換算各種計算單位。
  2. That s the role of the xslt stylesheet : it must not only convert between uml and xml , but also implement rules that ensure an efficient conversion
  3. The efficient conversion of mass into energy by friction in the accretion disk of a black hole seems to be the only explanation for the copious amounts of energy generated by such objects
  4. Through researching , studying and analyzing the current condition of the chinese petroleum natural gas pipeline science research institute and langfang petroleum pipeline special constructing machine and tool institute that convert the efficiency of the scientific achievements , we go a further step on analyzing the restrained factors and problems which lie in the efficient conversion of scientific achievements , furthermore , investigate the path that can promote the conversion of scientific achievements benefit
  5. The near - stoichiometri litao3 has excellent speciality , such as high efficient conversion , tune conveniency , biger size and high damnify value etc . in this dissertation , the theory of quasi - phase - matched ( qpm ) technology and optical parametric oscillation ( opo ) was expatiated and studied first
    近化學計量比litao3 ( slt )晶體在做參量振蕩方面具有轉換效率高、調諧方便、尺寸大、損傷閾值高等非常好的特性。本文首先對準相位匹配技術和光學參量震蕩器的理論進行了闡述和分析。


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