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  • 安莉芳
  • form:    n. 1.形態;形狀;樣子,外貌;【 ...
  • embry:    安莉芳; 昂布里; 恩布里; 胚胎學 ...
  • embry group:    安莉芳集團


  1. Established in hong kong in 1975 , embry form operates under the corporate philosophy of " building a solid foundation in hong kong , extending its reach to china and upholding a global vision "
  2. Embry form s remarkable performance has won it the honour of being " number one selling lingerie brand in china " for six consecutive years from 1997 to 2002 . the group has developed a number of successful brands , including " embry form " , " elaine " and " fandecie "
    集團不僅是女性內衣供應商,更成功建立多個品牌,包括embryform安莉芳、 elaine漪漣、 fandecie芬狄詩。
  3. As part of the 28th anniversary bliss , customers will enjoy hk $ 28 off the regular price of a brand - new embry form bra , upon presentation of an old bra of any brand . this special offer is valid only at the following embry form specialty shops until december 31 , 2003
    安莉芳慶祝成立28周年,由即日起至12月31日,顧客可憑一個任何品牌舊胸圍,于以下安莉芳專門店作hk $ 28使用,購買所有正價胸圍。
  4. Embry form has further expanded its retail operation with the opening of two new specialty shops at shopping hotspots - russell street in causeway bay and pioneer centre in mongkok . these two latest additions in hong kong have enlarged embry form s sales network to 12 specialty shops , or a total of 38 retail points including concessionary counters
  5. Embry form , a major lingerie brand , announces that it has opened two new specialty shops at shopping hotspots - russell street in causeway bay and pioneer centre in mongkok - to celebrate its 28th anniversary in hong kong . what s more , a series of promotional activities has also been kicked off to rejoice with customers in christmas festivity . embry form enhances the alluring appeal of customers " inside " and accentuates their captivating look outside


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