emerge one after another中文

發音:   用"emerge one after another"造句
  • emerge:    vi. 1.出現,顯露,現出。 2. ...
  • one:    短語和例子 Once one is ...
  • after:    adv. 在后;繼后;后來。 fol ...
  • another:    adj. 1.又一,另一。 2.別的 ...
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  1. These big banks ’ service innovation speed also is rapid , the bank service and the investment bank service unifies the new product emerges one after another incessantly
  2. With the mobile communication changing from the speech service to digital service , kinds of motion increment services emerge one after another incessantly and mobile payment is a luminescent spot
  3. Through god s marvelous arrangement and master s traceless blessings , fellow initiates who were suited to this task emerged one after another after undergoing a period of spiritual purification
  4. Due to our country ' s legal tradition that stresses the entity and belittles the procedure , procedural illegal affairs emerge one after another in the present procedure of criminal reconnaissance in our country
  5. According to the patterns emerging one after another in the recent decade , the author holds that the various legal states of the profit medical institution can be classified into four types : stock - right system , shareholding co - operative system , partnership and sole proprietorship


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