enclosure structure中文

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  • 密圍式構筑物;密圍式搭建物


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  1. Design and construction of sheeting enclosure structure of deep foundation pit of industrial commercial bank building guangdong province
  2. Finally the method using supervision statistics is represented in excavation construction , which predict the critical axial force of bracing in enclosure structure
  3. The mastering of complete technologies in enclosure structure , structure system , waterproof and energy - saving for buildings , guarantee of environment quality , etc of buildings ensures our advantages in competitions of industrial , civil or environmental projects
  4. In the project of jingyuan garden , a national model project for comfortable residence constructed by us , new technologies including dipy framework system , composite external wall , etc are adopted , especially aerated concrete block enclosure structure is adopted for large areas , which has a great demonstration significance in replacing clay brick and with regard to wall restructuring
  5. Based on the research works of predecessor , the theory on the displacement of soil strata in deep foundation excavation construction and its application are studied in detail . by analysing the supervision , statistics from , the practical excavation engineering , soil rheology is thought to be the main reason of the displacement heavy of the soft soil and the destruction of the enclosure structure , in deep foundation excavation construction on condition of the high theriomorphic of enclosure structure and good seepage resitting


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