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  1. 7 works with shop supervision , industrial engineering and other engineering function personnel during the course of design projects
  2. Bachelor degree of chemical or composite major or any bachelor with minimum 5 years experience in training function out of which 3 years as trainer of famous company , conducting on - the - job - training and classroom training , measuring effectiveness of training , designing technical training module , designing & implementing technical training interventions , strong understanding of engineering function , should know adult training methods
    化工,復合材料或相關專業學士學位, 5年以上培訓工作經驗,且有3年以上著名公司培訓工作經驗,具有在崗培訓和室內培訓,培訓效果評估,技術培訓方案設計,技術培訓方案設計及實施能力,熟知工程職能,了解成人培訓方法。
  3. Slcad engineering functions are very flexible and are easily adapted to conform to your standards . you start by defining the combinations of wind , ice , temperature and safety factors you wish to use . next , the program can automaticaly finish insulator swing checks , clearance checks , wire tension checks and etc . you can work in either kg or n units and can even switch back and forth between these unit systems


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