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  1. Before his altar are statues of two generals , " thousand miles eye " and " favourable wind ear " , who are said to be able to see and hear from any distance
  2. Late in the day they passed through the capricious channels of hong kong , and the tankadere , impelled by favourable winds , conducted herself admirably
    當小船進入大海時,斐利亞福克先生說, “這一點您用不著我多交代了。 ”
  3. We ll ha favourable winds , a quick passage , and not the least difficult in finding the spot , and money to eat - to roll in - to play du and drake with ever after
    我們會一路順風,快速航行,不費吹灰之力便找到地點,而錢就滾滾而來,可以用來當飯吃,打水漂,隨心所欲。 ”
  4. Show as a result : the runway of plastic cement and the runway of coal cinder , have a favourable wind run , countrary wind run , cloudy , plenty of audiences , noise have more obvious influence for the pedal accuracy of long jump


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