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  1. Directed by golden bell award - winning writer feng feng cheng , keeping watch will remind viewers about the power of love
  2. Born in feb . 1941 , a native of feng cheng of jiangxi province , graduated from the fine arts department in jingdezhen ceramic institute in 1964
    1941年2月生,江西豐城人, 1964年畢業于景德鎮陶瓷學院美術系, 1988年被評為高級工藝美術師,享受國務院“政府特殊津貼”專家, 1996年獲“中國工藝美術大師”稱號, 1999年被評為研究員。
  3. Have enriched the chain producing , processing the production of highly processed agricultural products estate uttering with andeli juice as the leading role , wood job with dark labor of jilin as the leading role estate enchains , spinning and weaving estate with day rainbow spinning and weaving as the leading role enchains , machinery manufacturing industry with silver dragon cable as the leading role 4 - big estate enchains ; chain building feng cheng city chemical industry the sources of energy chemical industry estate taking form soon for the faucet in course of
  4. Shanghai metallurgical equipment company ltd . was founded in the beginning of the new century . smec specializes in " universe " brand metallurgical equipment developing , designing , manufacturing and sales . smec is located at feng cheng economic zone in shanghai pudong new district , which has beautiful surroundings and convenient traffic . smec set up a office including sales department at no . 100 anzhe rd . zhabei district near city centre . tel : 021 - 66240648 fax : 021 - 66240692 zip : 201411


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