few clothes中文

發音:   用"few clothes"造句
  • 衣服太少
  • few:    adj. (fewer; fewes ...
  • clothes:    n. 1.衣服。 2.〔集合詞〕被褥 ...
  • a few:    (表示肯定)一些;幾個; (表示肯定 ...


  1. Look everybody to want to much add a few clotheses to pull
  2. During the summit , no matter what colour or how few clothes african visitors might wear , citizens should not surround them or photograph them without their permission , said the newspaper
  3. There shall be an explanation as soon as i can give it ; only just have the goodness to step out and order the carriage to take me on to gimmerton , and tell a servant to seek up a few clothes in my wardrobe
    等我能解釋的時候我會解釋的!先做做好事出去吩咐馬車把我送到吉默吞去,再叫傭人在我的衣櫥里找出幾件衣服來吧。 ”


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