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  1. He kicked down the racing car at the first bend
  2. Through analyzing the optimal ribs topological , the conclusion could be drawn that it will gain better result to place the ribs paralleled with the first bending mode shape of the bracket
  3. Visitors can then head north to experience the death - slide over the tongjiang along the bank of the lancang river and continue on to cizhong church , then to yongzhi , nagu , and the ruins of the cemetery of stone coffins , then to the yezhisheng cave , and on to the samagong nature reserve , from which one can easily reach the cultural ruins of the new stone age in geden , the damo ancestor s cave , wujingcongshui solution cave , the ruins of the east twon of tufantieqiao , the stone gate pass , cock s stone , wuzhu dragon pool and the first bend of the yangtze


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