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  • fitch:    n. 【動物;動物學】雞鼬,雞貂;雞 ...
  • rating:    n. 叱責,斥責。 give a s ...
  • fitch ibca ratings:    惠譽評級


  1. Now that they sell their exposures , they have blithely passed this responsibility on to outsiders , such as moody ' s , standard & poor ' s and fitch ratings
  2. " it would be safe to say that the deficit will reach a record high ! " standard & poor s and fitch ratings expressed their concern over the worsening deficit of the sar government
  3. This follows the recent notification by fitch , inc . fitch , another credit rating agency recognised by the monetary authority for the purpose of profits tax concession scheme , and which acquired tbw in december 2000 , that all tbw ratings have now been superseded by fitch ratings


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