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讀音:   用"flat image"造句
  • 低反差圖像


  1. In this thesis , our research work mainly focuses on the second aspect , including : 1 perfecting the generation algorithms of stereoscopic image and video on the basis of moving flatly , we brought forward the cylindrical projection and spherical projection algorithms , projecting the flat image or video from two viewing points to the cylinder or sphere to get the stereoscopic image or video , and compared these three algorithms based on the theory and practice
    本文的工作內容主要集中在第二方面,包括: 1完善了體視生成算法在平移算法的基礎上,提出了柱面投影和球面投影算法,把二維平面圖像或視頻從兩個投影點投影到柱面或球面上,以得到體視圖像或視頻,并在理論上和實際中對各種算法進行了比較。
  2. Compared with traditional display technology , the stereoscopic display technology ( namely stereoscopic technology , parallax technology ) mostly uses human vision principle for reference , and makes the flat image have the true solid impression , that is to say , makes the flat image have depth of field sense according to the parallax of two eyes


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