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  1. This is where mr kouchner , co - founder of m decins sans fronti res , and a former un governor in kosovo , comes in
  2. The choice of bernard kouchner , a former un administrator of kosovo and co - founder of m decins sans fronti res , as foreign minister was hugely symbolic
  3. The drugs are administered by siyaphila la , " we are living here , " a joint project of the nelson mandela foundation , m decins sans fronti res ( doctors without borders ) south africa , and the local health department
    負責這些藥物管理和發放的塞亞菲拉納( “我們在這里生存” )聯合項目,發起自納爾遜曼德拉基金會、南非無國界醫生組織和當地健康部門。
  4. This morning , in customs entrance , when vehicles peace the same platoon got up the long team , spot place wriggles to fronti sit in the window position , extremely comfortable , in the vehicle is full is pushing completely the human which goes to work , compares them , i am happyleft the customs , the vehicle stagnated motionless , sunlight from my left front glass injection , in package , i found the small nail clippers , leisurely and carefree prunes my long nail , has that a quarter absent minded , thought is in the peaceful yard , in the courtyard has the dark green flowers and plants , also has the autumn to be slight but the ambiguous wind , the clear clatter tower sound which is listening to the nail pruneswhen sends out , all not likely is places oneself in the environment which this anxiously waited for


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