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發音:   用"galois field"造句
  • galois:    Galois , Evariste ...
  • field:    n. 1.原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪 ...
  • gf galois field:    伽羅華域
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  1. Also we study the ecc crypto theory in the field of public crypto system , in which the ecc encrypt principle , safety , reliability , as well as the structure of ecc based on galois field is focused on
    研究了公鑰加密系統中的橢圓曲線加密理論,詳細闡述了有限域上橢圓曲線的結構及其基本運算; 3
  2. Chapter 3 introduces the correcting ability of the rs code . then it particularly states the definition and algorithm of galois field , and analyses the realization of the limited field multiplier based on the dual basis
  3. Then we show an algorithm design of the elliptic curve crypto based on galois field . as a main part , the design theory and concrete solution of it are presented step by step , ic chip design method for implementation of the algorithm is described in detail
    設計完成了一種基于有限域的橢圓曲線加密算法,主要包括適合于168bit橢圓曲線加密的有限域乘法、加法、除法器的實現; 4
  4. This thesis is composed of following parts : the fundamental theory of the modern cryptology is briefly researched , in which the mathematic model of cryptology , data encrypt principle and galois field theory related with elliptic curve crypto is discussed
    論文的主要內容為: 1研究了現代密碼學相關的基本理論,介紹了密碼系統的數學模型、數據加密原理和與橢圓曲線加密密切相關的有限域理論; 2


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