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  1. Introduction : sources from 2008 gaolan port economic area new year party held on january 17 said that last year , the area achieved a production output totaling to 2 . 7 billion yuan rmb , 38 % up year on year
    記者17日在召開的高欄港經濟區2008年迎春晚會上了解到,港區去年共完成工業總產值270億元,同比增長38 % 。
  2. The principal of gaolan port economic area said that with the new rights , the area would have more power in its initiatives and the two areas would gain greater efficiency in attracting foreign investments and in serving foreign investors
  3. Introduction : sources from the 2007 pearl river estuary maritime safety forum said that the guangdong maritime affairs bureau has purchased 2 maritime helicopters and for the first time will operate them from the zhuhai gaolan port sea patrol base
  4. Abstract : as lanzhou construction areas extend towards gaolan mountains , baita mountains and the valley regions , the problem of environmental control for the made fill & excavation reconstruction project sites becomes more and more obvious
  5. Text : covering a 1 , 000 square meters land plot , haiyi park displays several pictures in south china with zhuhai ' s history and culture as the main thread , such as “ fishermen ' s life ” and “ gaolan cliff painting ” and makes a pleasant natural ecological park by means of modern horticultural artistic skills
    "海怡園"占地面積1000平方米,以珠海歷史文化脈絡為主線,展現了"漁家遺韻" 、 "高欄巖畫"等南方景觀,運用現代的造園藝術營造了一處怡人的自然生態園林。


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