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  1. Problem structuring is the process of generating and testing alternative
  2. After such a form has been generated and tested , any visual or other changes will most likely be made in the developers favorite editor
  3. An object - oriented system for generating and testing random numbers . the developerworks columns by gary and john have been updated and expanded in the book
  4. It s worth noting that db2 viper ships with a developer s workbench , an eclipse - based development tool that includes a graphical xquery builder to help users generate and test queries
    應該注意, db2 viper附帶一個developer s workbench ,這是一種基于eclipse的開發工具,其中包含的圖形化xquery構建器可以幫助用戶生成和測試查詢。
  5. The web service wizard has many options to control how a web service is created , to test and publish the web service , and to generate and test the client proxy that applications call when they want to use the service


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