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  1. Influence of the dynamic and static degradable systems on poly - dl - lactide - co - glycolide degradable products in vitro
  2. Specific drug ? polymer interactions are engineered by optimizing the lactide to glycolide ratio ( l : g ratio ) and including specific polymer end groups
    通過優化丙交酯與乙交酯比例( l : g比)及加入特殊的聚合物末端基來獲得特殊的藥物-聚合物間相互作用。
  3. Standard specification for virgin poly glycolide and poly glycolide - co - lactide resins for surgical implants with mole fractions greater than or equal to 70 % glycolide
    摩爾分數大于或等于70 %乙二醇的外科植入物用原聚乙二醇和聚乙二醇聚乳酸樹脂標準規范
  4. Objective : to search for a novel technique on fabricating poly ( lactide - co - glycolide ) copolymer foamy scaffolds that have better three - dimensional microstructure and suit for tissue engineering usage as matrix material
  5. Firstly , after a great deal of investigation and research , the author chose polypropylene ( pp ) and poly ( glycolide - lactide ) ( pgla ) as the tubular fabric material and the acetic acid solution of chitosan as the coating material . polypropylene display superior biomechanical properties while the pgla fiber is characteristic of controllable biodegradability , and chitin integrate the excellent biological properties of both collagen and cellulose


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