ground bed中文

讀音:   用"ground bed"造句
  • 接地, 接地床
  • 接地床
  • ground:    短語和例子 ground2 n. 1 ...
  • bed:    n. 1.床,床鋪;床位,鋪;(動物 ...
  • bed ground:    畜圈


  1. In two deep well anode ground beds at tank zone of yizheng pump station , metal oxide is used as an anode material and obtains good results
  2. Practice has proven that metal oxide material used as deep well anode ground bed has the merits of maintenability , replaceability and easy installation
  3. Graphite anode or duriron anode ( high silicon castiron anode ) is more often used in deep well ground bed for cathodic protection , but they have some shortcomings
  4. This paper presents the performance of metal oxide anode material , deployment and configuration of anode ground bed , and makes contrast of grounding resistance and protective potential between metal oxide anode and duriron anode
  5. In the light of theory and application , the author raised that sacrifice anode protection could be used on old fuel gas pipes in shen zhen city , and also raised the choice of sacrifice anode , detailed process calculation , the design of ground bed , execution method and detection management


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