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  • half:    n. (pl. halves ) 1 ...
  • pay:    vt. (paid ) 1.付(款) ...
  • half-pay:    adj. 領半薪的 (place s ...
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  1. For sick leave not extending 30 days in one year , the caretaker / helper shall be entitled to half pay
  2. Starting from their first profit - making year , foreign investment enterprises engaged in planting , breeding , forestry and gardening sectors will enjoy 2 years corporate income tax holiday and 3 years half pay
  3. An officer , with less than 4 years of service , is eligible for 91 days sick leave on full pay and 91 days on half pay . for those officers who have 4 or more years of service , they are eligible for 182 days sick leave on full pay and 182 days on half pay
  4. The final payment for the company will be about $ 1bn , but people familiar with the sale process said the payment would be staggered , with only half paid up front and the rest paid over three years , depending on improvements in operating standards at 65 trust - mart stores


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